TMW Systems to supply WebTech in-cab device for D2Link software

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TMW Systems and WebTech Wireless announced a reseller and partnership agreement that the companies say will enable a new mobile resource management solution based on TMW’s existing D2Link software and WebTech’s new WT7000 Locator in-vehicle device. The companies say this partnership will offer opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency gains to TMW’s more than 1,600 customers managing more than 325,000 power units throughout North America.

The agreement allows TMW to supply WT7000 Locators for use with its D2Link mobile communications software, providing what it calls a comprehensive mobile communications solution that combines the advantages of TMW’s driver-side D2Link cellular handset technology with the advanced vehicle GPS location and telematics data provided by WebTech’s Bluetooth-enabled in-vehicle Locators. The fleet management solution is intended to give trucking companies and their drivers the ability to easily and accurately monitor a wide range of vehicle location, usage and engine diagnostics data, all of which are suitable for IFTA reporting.

“WebTech’s WT7000 with embedded Bluetooth and TMW’s D2Link integration provide a very flexible and scalable platform that will exceed the needs of fleet organizations in an affordable, cost-effective and compact package,” says Edward Kulperger, WebTech Wireless’ senior director of personal automotive and OEM.

On-demand reports offered with combined D2Link and WT7000 Series Locator installations include a driver scorecard which records trip mileage, fuel economy, idle time, hard braking and overspeed, according to the companies; other standard reports cover average and maximum speed and stop locations, arrival and departure times, odometer readings, a fuel report that records fuel consumption plus MPG, and an ECM fault log that monitors vehicle component failures.

“Our D2Link software was designed for commercially available cellular handsets,” says Ray West, director of TMW product management. “Combined with WebTech WT7000 devices, this enhanced D2Link solution delivers a much broader range of mobile communications capability. Furthermore, it’s scalable for any size trucking operation and can accommodate the 50-truck company as well as the largest heavy-duty truck organization.”