BorgWarner launches website for Cool Logic fan drives

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BorgWarner says it has launched a website at to educate truck fleet owners about the clear advantages of Cool Logic variable speed fan drives, including:

  • Improved fuel economy of up to 4 percent city and 2 percent highway — depending on route terrain, truck load and duty cycle — based on four million miles of fleet testing;
  • As much as 60 additional horsepower for more power on grades, less shifting and less driver fatigue;
  • 79 percent reduction in temperature extremes and 75 percent less thermal stress on cooling system components;
  • Lower fan speeds at idle for greater mileage, less noise and improved driver comfort; and
  • Maintenance-free design for fewer service hours and lower costs.
  • The company says the new website’s 3-D computer-animated graphics illustrate how Cool Logic technology responds to signals from the engine control module hundreds of times per minute. The Cool Logic system is designed to vary fan speed electronically and provide consistent, precise temperature control that automatically adjusts to load and road grades. Providing continuous variability for a truck engine’s cooling system, the Cool Logic wet-friction clutch design reduces engine drag, delivering more horsepower and greater fuel economy, according to the Auburn Hills, Mich.-based company.

    The website also features a mileage calculator truck fleet owners can use to analyze annual fuel economy savings based on number of trucks, mileage, diesel prices, average mpg and truck usage. With the average semi-truck logging 150,000 miles a year, a 2 to 4 percent increase in fuel economy can equate to substantial bottom-line savings for fleets operating thousands of trucks. A matrix of truck engine applications, downloadable literature and frequently asked questions also are available on the site.