Con-way Freight launches True LTL Pricing

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Con-way Freight on Monday, June 15, announced the introduction of True LTL Pricing, a capped pricing model designed to offer customers uncomplicated truckload-style pricing for large less-than-truckload shipments. The company says True LTL Pricing is predictable, eliminating the uncertainty, complexity and waste of previous LTL pricing models.

“Customers want LTL shipping to be easy to use and less expensive than truckload, no matter whether their shipments are large or small,” says Sean M. Devine, vice president of pricing/engineering for Con-way Freight, based in Ann Arbor, Mich. “True LTL Pricing offers this certainty to everyone without the need for negotiations, along with all the advantages of Con-way Freight’s optimized network.”

Devine says the new pricing model also represents a step on the sustainability path because it reduces transportation industry waste. “Mixing smaller and larger shipments decreases the number of trucks on the road, ultimately conserving fuel, reducing carbon emissions and cutting down on traffic congestion,” he says.

Con-way Freight says True LTL Pricing applies the formula commonly used in truckload shipping and removes many of the current unexpected charges, such as the lineal foot rule, that shippers face when moving large LTL freight. According to the company, customers benefit from:

  • Capped pricing — never pay more than truckload;
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery — it’s on time, or it’s free;
  • Reliable same-day pickup — available trucks when customers need them; and
  • Less waste — fewer trucks on the road and reduced fuel consumption, carbon emissions and traffic congestion.
  • “We recognize customers tend to choose truckload for large LTL shipments due to the unexpected charges and unpredictability of LTL pricing,” says John G. Labrie, president of Con-way Freight. “Today, we’re fundamentally transforming the way we do business with the introduction of True LTL Pricing. We listened to customers and developed a solution, giving them total confidence when choosing Con-way Freight for all their shipping needs.”

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