ALK releases PC Miler 23 product line

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ALK Technologies Inc. says its new release of PC Miler 23 features the North American transportation industry’s first routing and mileage solution to include carbon emissions and intermodal analysis functionality. PC Miler’s 23rd annual edition also includes critical map data updates such as truck restrictions and truck-specific toll costs.

The new PC Miler Intermodal Analysis feature calculates alternative rail intermodal routes for truck shipments to run quick comparisons of truck and intermodal mileage, fuel consumption and carbon emissions, according to ALK; meanwhile, the updated Points of Interest database can display small, medium and large intermodal ramps throughout the United States and Canada. PC Miler Intermodal Analysis is offered within PC Miler|Spreadsheets and connects PC Miler’s highway and rail products.

“ALK is pleased to be the first routing and mileage provider to make environmental impact an optional factor in daily operational choices,” says Kara Jo Witkowski, senior product manager of PC Miler Solutions for ALK, based in Princeton, N.J. “The new features allow carriers, shippers and 3PLs to make better multimodal decisions.”

ALK says PC Miler 23 is an tool designed to predict and manage operating and transportation costs; it targets out-of-route mileage, saving time, tolls and fuel. The company says PC Miler 23 offers expanded capabilities in toll calculation to include tolls determined by weight and truck axles; PC Miler|Tolls now calculates weight-based tolls on the specific categories and rates applied by each individual toll authority, rates up to 136,000 pounds. Tolls based on axles can be calculated for single and multiple trailer trucks up to 14 axles, ALK says; Version 23 includes 27 discount toll programs and 68,300 unique toll paths.

PC Miler users can enter a vehicle’s height, length, width and weight when generating routes, ALK says; the application will generate mileage and directions taking those factors into account – a particular benefit for oversized loads.

Other notable updates, according to ALK, include:

  • Updated truck restrictions – An additional 117,000 truck restriction and allowance enhancements are included. Weight restriction, weight allowance and commercial vehicle constraints have been updated for 36 state and local municipalities in the United States and Canada. This includes more than 12,500 new weight allowances nationwide;
  • Database and routing improvements – PC Miler’s highway and street-level database contains the most current map data available and provides improved and faster address matching in PC Miler|Streets; and
  • Updated Canadian dangerous goods restrictions – PC Miler|HazMat users will benefit from significant enhancements and dangerous goods classifications throughout Canada.
  • ALK says PC Miler runs on Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms, as well as IBM AS/400, iSeries and System i midrange and mainframe computers. For more information, go to