New specialty equipment available from XTRA Lease

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XTRA Lease, a provider of trailer rentals and leases in the United States and Canada, announced it has ordered new specialty equipment available for rent and lease this summer.

The company says it ordered a variety of equipment to meet specialized demand across the United States, including a supply of new California Air Resources Board-compliant reefers for rent or lease in the West, Southwest and Midwest regions, adding to the large inventory of CARB-compliant reefers already in the XTRA Lease fleet.

New CARB regulations mandate that any reefer operating in or entering the state of California after July 16 must meet certain emissions standards. XTRA Lease says the new reefers will be helpful to fleets that haul cargo in California.

The company says it also ordered several new 48-foot pintle hook trailers for the Northeast region, primarily in Albany, N.Y. Enabling a tractor to pull twin 48-foot trailers, the pintle hook trailers from XTRA Lease feature installed trailer-tracking units and logistics seams on 24-inch centers, which provide increased flexibility for blocking off loaded cargo within the van.

For the East and West coasts, XTRA Lease says it ordered a mix of new 28- and 48-foot new liftgate trailers featuring 5,500-pound-capacity severe-duty liftgates with large platforms and a 16-inch retention ramp. The company says the liftgates are built to handle harsh conditions, while a power down/up feature enhances cold weather performance.

The company says the Southwest region will receive several new 57-foot dry vans, enabling fleets to load more cargo into a single van. XTRA Lease says all of the dry vans ordered – pintle hooks, liftgates and 57-foot vans – feature composite interiors offering maximum cubic capacity and damage resistance; aluminum roofs; air-ride suspensions with anti-dock walk device and air-assisted slider pin assembly on the units; and crossmember spacing on 10-inch centers throughout for increased floor rating capacity.

And finally, the company says it is adding new 20-foot/40-foot combination tridem chassis for the West and Midwest regions that enable users to carry a loaded 20- or 40-foot container or two empty 20-foot containers.

“For the second time this year, we’ve ordered new equipment to help fleets manage unique demands,” says Bill Franz, president and chief executive officer of XTRA Lease, based in St. Louis. “With new regulations looming for operating reefers in California, we’re confident we can assist fleets better serve their customers by having proper equipment that meets the state’s regulations. Meanwhile, we’ve added a variety of other specialty equipment where we’ve heard from fleets who have distinctive needs.”

XTRA Lease says its trailer specifications include guidelines to ensure trailers are loader-friendly, are damage-resistant and offer low lifecycle maintenance. For information about these new trailers, call 800-367-9872 or contact the nearest XTRA Lease location.