California port trucks must register by Sept. 30


Trucks visiting California ports must register in the Drayage Truck Registry by Sept. 30. A Phase 1 compliance extension application must be filed with the California Air Resources Board or postmarked by that date. This extension is available to trucks with 1994-2003 model-year engines for which there is no verified CARB-approved Level 3 control technology. Registration and truck labels are free of charge; labels are optional.

In 2008, CARB’s Drayage Truck Regulation became law, which included mandatory registration of all drayage trucks doing business at California’s ports and intermodal rail yards. The registry’s objective is to provide a recordkeeping system to track compliance and provide access for motor carriers to verify a truck’s regulatory compliance status.

More information is available at the CARB Drayage Truck Information line at 888-247-4821, or by e-mailing CARB at Also, a fact sheet on the regulation is available here.