Grote touts LED WhiteLight hook-up lamp

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Grote Industries’ SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp features an advanced optical design that focuses the company’s LED WhiteLight in areas not commonly well-lit by hook-up lamps, such as utility trucks, fifth wheels, forklifts and offroad vehicles, to name a few. The lamp’s optical prescription is designed to create a controlled 250-lumen beam pattern that focuses brighter, more usable LED WhiteLight across the entire work area. One SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp can replace two incandescent lamps, while offering the user a 50-watt power savings.

Grote’s SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp emits brilliant LED WhiteLight designed to closely approximate the characteristics of sunlight and provide optimum contrast for working conditions. The 12-volt (.6-amp) lamp is rated for 50,000 hours of service, emits less heat than incandescent lamps and draws lower amperage than incandescent offerings, reducing the load on a vehicle’s electrical system.

The lamp comes in two versions; one offers the optimized hook-up beam pattern, and the other a wide flood pattern that also lights the periphery of the workspace. For more information, go