IdleAire ceases operations

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Updated Feb 4, 2010

Auxiliary plug-in shorepower provider IdleAire announced on its website Friday, Jan. 29, that it had closed operations.

The company had 131 locations in 34 states, providing filtered heating and air conditioning, electrical outlets and a range of communications and entertainment options that allowed long-haul truck drivers to shut down their engines instead of idling for cab comfort during daily rest periods. More than 150,000 professional drivers and more than 1,000 fleets were using IdleAire services actively, according to the company.

“We truly wish we could continue to serve our great customers and this industry,” the statement on the website reads. “Not only do professional drivers move the vast majority of all products used in the United States, they have played a key part in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and improving air quality and health for everyone.”

Professional drivers needing receipts for prior visits should e-mail [email protected] by Thursday, Feb. 4. Drivers must include their IdleAire member number, name and the timeframe for visits. The company says it will not be able to respond to requests after that date.

“Their use of IdleAire service contributed to saving over 50 million gallons of diesel fuel and prevented over 1.1 billion pounds of diesel idling emissions from entering the air,” the website statement reads. “IdleAire also reduced the carbon footprint by preventing over 519,000 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.”

“Thank you for your support of IdleAire,” the statement on the website concludes. “We hope you will work with other idle reduction technologies and companies to continue to save fuel, reduce emissions and improve your sleep and health.”