ALK set to release new toll management products

ALK Technologies is planning to add two new applications, PC Miler Tolls Auditor and PC Miler Tolls Manager, powered by EBE Technologies. ALK provides the mileage, routing and toll cost data through a web service; EBE Technologies provides the workflow analysis tools, says Craig Fiander, vice president, marketing, for ALK.

Fiander describes the two products as driver performance management tools. The Tolls Manager application, for instance, will automatically audit the toll costs associated with a planned route versus the actual route a driver took.

The Tolls Auditor application can audit the toll costs associated with both the planned and actual route to the invoices from electronic toll collection and discount programs such as EZ Pass.

ALK plans to offer two types of pricing models for its new toll management products. One option is to pay a transaction fee for each exception the software generates, such as when a variance occurs in the planned versus actual toll costs per driver, customer, etc. The other option is a monthly service fee based on the number of trucks, Fiander says.