Dow Kokam’s Large Format Battery Systems Bring Operating Cost Reductions

Dow Kokam, a leading battery system provider, is showcasing its wide range of large format battery technology designed to reduce operating costs in work truck and vocational vehicle use at the Work Truck Show in St. Louis, Mo.  Dow Kokam’s high performance, large format cells, ranging from 10 to 240 amp hour, feature higher energy density and capacity than competitive products, providing fleet and commercial truck owners new opportunities to lower their operational costs by integrating green technologies into their operations.

“The operational and performance benefits of using battery power for work trucks are clear, as proven by the broad attention and rapid adoption we have seen among fleet owners, engine producers and truck manufacturers,” said Chuck Reardon, Dow Kokam’s Commercial Vice President. “With advanced cell technology and system capabilities that have been proven in operation over 1 million kilometers of road testing, Dow Kokam has the essential elements to turn your investment in vehicle electrification into a commercially viable alternative. “

For vocational trucks and equipment, Dow Kokam’s large format cells improve the capacity and reliability of battery solutions by minimizing the number of cells required for each battery pack.  Smaller format cells require more cells to be included into each battery pack to maintain similar power, adding to the battery’s complexity, weight and significantly reducing reliability and efficiency.

Dow Kokam offers large format battery technology with 10 years of proven performance in demanding applications, providing reliable, safe and affordable battery systems for the defense, transportation, industrial and utility markets.  Dow Kokam integrates its advanced cell technology with pack manufacturing expertise to create a complete energy storage solution, from battery chemistry and cell manufacture to fully-tested battery solutions ready for integration.

“Our power comes from greater flexibility, proven large-format technology, advanced chemistry and global scale and size,” said Reardon.  “We take the risk out of choosing a battery cell and system supplier.”