Dana develops eco-friendly exhaust gasket coating

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Updated May 11, 2010

Dana Holding Corp. announced that it has developed a high-temperature exhaust gasket coating designed to meet the increasing challenges of modern gasoline and diesel engines. Dana says the technology, which can withstand temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius, is currently in production with a large diesel-engine manufacturer.

Dana says the Victor Reinz ThermoGlide 1000 high-temperature exhaust gasket coating is created using water-based chemistry and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that produces significantly fewer carbon emissions than traditional volatile organic compound-based adhesives. “We’re excited to introduce this new technology for high-temperature sealing of gasoline and diesel engines,” says Rich Kozerski, director of engineering for the Dana technology center in Lisle, Ill. “With ThermoGlide 1000, we’re providing higher temperature resistance, fretting reduction and improved sealing – all while being environmentally considerate. And most importantly, we continue to deliver high value to our customers.”

Dana says its engineers used a blend of high-temperature lubricants and a unique adhesive to create a coating that offers significant improvement in micro-sealing of metal substrates, preventing the escape of gas between the exhaust manifold and cylinder head. By providing heat insulation between mating engine surfaces, heat transfer can be reduced, resulting in increased joint durability and longer service life.

“Through our OEM partnerships, Dana continues to offer customizable solutions that improve the performance and durability of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles,” says Dwayne Matthews, vice president of Dana Power Technologies Group. “By developing green technologies that lessen the overall impact of manufacturing, we’re committed to meeting these needs in an efficient and responsible manner.”