Glacier Bay adds shorepower capability to ClimaCab

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Glacier Bay, a provider of no-idle solutions, announced an off-vehicle power connection option for its ClimaCab electric auxiliary power unit. With the shorepower option installed, a driver can keep the cabin temperature at a constant comfortable temperature in any conditions for an unlimited period and recharge both the ClimaCab and main truck batteries using power management technology built into the system. This can be accomplished without starting the engine and using fuel.

In addition to allowing ClimaCab to be operated when plugged into an 110V electrical outlet, the shorepower option places two 110V AC outlets in the cabin that a driver can use for other electrical needs such as a television, computer or microwave oven. Using the shorepower option, the main batteries in the ClimaCab system can be fully recharged within 6 to 8 hours depending on the amount of power the cab is using at the same time.