PeopleNet introduces new version of fleet management system

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Updated Aug 20, 2010

PeopleNet, a provider of Internet-based and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems, introduced the latest version of its web-based carrier fleet management system.

Representing an $8.2 million investment, the new PeopleNet Fleet Manager is highly configurable to adapt to each user’s needs, simplifying and expediting their experience with the system, the company says. It also provides more complete, customized data access utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for flexible back-office data integration that helps management identify opportunities for lowering operating costs.

In addition, more frequent communications provides greater visibility into fleet activities for improving customer service and management decisions.

The new PeopleNet Fleet Manager’s greatest asset is its flexibility with configurability to meet specific user needs, says Vice President of Software Ben Nielsen.

“There are a variety of users in a fleet who all have different information needs. Each wants the data they need in the format they need it in, when they need it, and it must be shareable with the systems, applications and partners they identify. That’s why the new PeopleNet Fleet Manager is user-driven, with configurable roles, access levels and broad integration capabilities. The web-portal design reduces the number of clicks required for presenting more information on one page, allowing our customers to work faster.”

PeopleNet originally introduced the PeopleNet Fleet Manager in 1996 as the first Internet-based fleet management system to provide secure online control of communications.

To preclude costly service interruptions that undermine on-time performance as well as availability of accurate data, PeopleNet’s redundant data centers will run concurrently for the new PeopleNet Fleet Manager.

PeopleNet says it plans to introduce new releases more frequently than in the past by using the “agile” methodology for software development. The company also will provide end users with broader access to core applications on mobile devices, browsers, and Internet-connected devices. The new PeopleNet Fleet Manager offers multi-lingual support and an alert function to help mobile users stay in touch with their fleets.

The new PeopleNet Fleet Manager will be available for delivery by the end of this year.