Walmart weighs in on hybrid Cascadia development

Updated Oct 26, 2010

Cascadia Hybrid

Daimler Trucks North America and Walmart have collaborated to build the first-ever hybrid electric Freightliner Cascadia. This truck also marks the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership between DTNA and Walmart to develop innovative, green technologies.

Developed based on a Walmart spec’d truck, the 72-inch raised roof Detroit Diesel DD15-equipped Cascadia features a parallel hybrid system based on an electrically-driven second drive axle. The system uses an advanced lithium-ion-based energy storage and advanced electronic control algorithms that were developed in collaboration with the Daimler Trucks Global Hybrid Center in Japan.

With this advanced hybrid technology, the conventional drivetrain remains completely intact, allowing for high system reliability from the very beginning. In addition, initial assessments of fuel efficiency further indicate the potential of this technology.

“Starting with our advanced wind tunnel testing facility, DTNA has long been dedicated to developing the industry’s most efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies, and this new Cascadia marks the next evolution in hybrid electric solutions for heavy-duty vehicles,” said Wilfried Achenbach, senior vice president, engineering and technology for Daimler Trucks North America. “Our customers look to us for advanced solutions in every application, and we will continue to deliver at every turn.”

Long-time customer Walmart will work closely with DTNA engineers to create new products that will ultimately serve as a roadmap to future innovations.

“Walmart is partnering with our suppliers like Daimler Trucks North America to develop technologies that will improve the efficiency and lessen the impact of our operations. These partnerships help to prove out these technologies and speed up the time to market,” said Chris Sultemeier, senior vice president of transportation for Walmart. “We look forward to working with DTNA on this and other projects.”

“The new advanced engineering partnership with Walmart highlights our commitment to green technologies as well as our desire to work closely with core customers to continue developing alternative fuel vehicles,” said Mark Lampert, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Daimler Trucks North America. “We look forward to seeing what else this joint venture will result in, and to providing Walmart and all of our customers with the right tools that will positively impact their bottom line.”

DTNA already offers products powered by alternative technologies, including the Freightliner Business Class M2 106 Hybrid, and the Freightliner Business Class M2 112 natural gas lineup.