Terralink’s TDXConnect speeds up hazardous waste profiles, data

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Terralink Systems, a developer and distributor of management software designed to optimize the shipment and storage process for hazardous materials, announced the release of TDXConnect, a Web-based add-on for use with Terralink Data eXchange (TDX). TDXConnect is designed to aid aids Transfer, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs) with their client-centered customer service by providing their generators with comprehensive Web-based profile generation and reporting capabilities.

According to the company, TDXConnect helps streamline TSDF business operations, better serving clients by quickly and efficiently processing data. With TDXConnect, TSDF clients can log in through a Web browser and view their company’s real-time disposal data securely – without the overhead of locally installed application software. The TDXConnect Report Wizard feature is designed to allow generators to create multiple types of reports, including manifests and waste profiles. The data from these reports then can be used to fill out regulatory forms required by the state and federal agencies regulating hazardous waste transportation, helping to save time.

“TDXConnect creates a strong link between TSDFs and their clients by providing fast and accurate data input and reporting capabilities,” says Joel R. Ferris, Terralink client services engineer. “The technology provides customized profile input screens that meet facility regulatory compliance and streamline the data input process. TDXConnect also offers an enhanced, personalized experience by allowing TSDFs the ability to customize TDXConnect with their corporate color schemes and logos.”

Terralink says additional features of TDXConnect include the ability to manage names, addresses and site specifications of contacts such as waste generators, transport companies and facilities. The system also allows real-time edits to client contact information so records can be kept up-to-date.