Qualcomm touts insurance telematics, driver safety solution

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Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe says its insurance telematics and driver safety solution for the automobile insurance market and commercial fleet industry will be released for commercial fleets in June 2011. “By providing real-time driver feedback and actionable reporting, our new insurance telematics and driver safety solution provides fleets with a closed loop process for their drivers to improve safety,” says Bill Karnazes, managing director of Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe.

Qualcomm says the technology includes:
• A driving behavior analysis solution designed to correlate the cost of auto insurance directly to vehicle use measured against time, distance, location and driving behavior for use with consumers that opt in to Pay As You Drive (PAYD) or Pay How You Drive (PHYD) insurance programs. Insurance companies are able to access a set of features, ranging from standard data, such as accurate kilometers/miles reporting, to complete accounts of the time of day and types of roads driven, as well as reports, statistics and alerts on driving behavior, such as acceleration or deceleration;
• A driver safety solution for traditional commercial fleets, such as transport or service companies. The solution offers a closed loop process that includes driving profiles, back-office reporting and coaching and training, which will enable fleets to improve safety.

Qualcomm says the main features of both solutions include:
• Crash management – an additional service that provides Qualcomm customers with access to reliable and accurate data that enables reconstruction of the speed, acceleration, braking, impact and deviation before, during and after a crash;
• Anti-theft service – a manual, embedded sensor-based or geo-based alerting mechanism to help prevent theft and facilitate stolen vehicle recovery;
• Geo-fencing service – consisting of a user-defined geo-fence zone that sends out an alert when crossed by a vehicle. It also can be used in conjunction with anti-theft services;
• Video training/eco driver reports – reports delivered to the driver on driving behavior characteristics to help educate and train them in safe driving and security; and
• Real-time driver coaching – monitors driving to automatically identify high-risk behavior as it happens and provides an audio alert and/or flashing LED to notify the driver so he or she can correct the behavior immediately.