Decisiv adds new information source

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Updated Feb 15, 2011

Decisiv Inc., a provider of technology designed to connect fleet managers with internal and external service locations, announced that its Decisiv Service Management Platform now incorporates labor operations data from Motor Information Systems. Decisiv says the labor modules that now are integrated under Decisiv’s cloud-based computing technology approach further the availability of in-context information in its solution for fleets.

“The addition of Motor labor operations represents the latest step in our continuing effort to place accurate in-context vehicle information in the hands of fleets and service providers, and simplify and improve the timeliness and accuracy of the service management process,” says Dick Hyatt, president of Decisiv.

Decisiv says its platform uses advanced cloud-based computing technology to deliver Motor’s labor operations data at the point of service. According to the company, fleet and service provider customers will benefit from advanced search capabilities to find, select and incorporate fully validated Motor labor operations during maintenance, inspections and repairs and to verify compliance with the agreed-upon time allocation.

Decisiv says that by incorporating Motor labor time data into its platform, fleets can access Web-based information on more than 4,000 labor operations for all makes of trucks through the 2010 model year. This new capability is available on all OEM platforms offered by the company at the discretion of individual service networks.

Sourced electronically, the labor time data is coded automatically using the American Trucking Associations’ Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS). Created by ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council, VMRS is the universal language of the trucking industry’s maintenance management and reporting systems that enables dealer and fleet systems to share data in a format customers prefer and understand.

“Our data modules can save fleet and maintenance managers time and money,” says Kevin Carr, president of Motor Information Systems. “Our partnership with Decisiv will help customers get their trucks back on the road faster. We look forward to working together on this and other projects in the future.”

Decisiv says its agreement with Motor is the framework for a broad-ranging relationship that eventually will extend beyond labor time data. Motor says it provides a range of ready-to-use software and data modules under the FleetCross product label and maintains an all-makes parts database and cross-reference. Motor says its customizable parts and service referencing systems for vehicles and equipment are utilized by both fleet and parts sales organizations throughout the medium- and heavy-duty truck industry.