DOE certifies Eaton as energy service company


Eaton Corp. announced that the U.S. Department of Energy has certified Eaton as an energy service company. Eaton says the ESCO certification recognizes the company’s ability to meet the highest standards in managing energy-saving performance projects that help businesses and government organizations achieve energy efficiency objectives.

“As the need for energy efficiency and sustainability increases, so does the demand for the expertise of ESCO-certified companies,” says Paul Cody, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s Electrical Service & Systems Division. “Eaton is honored to be included among such a prestigious list of energy companies, utilities and other organizations that represent sustainability, energy efficiency and power management.”

The ESCO designation acknowledges Eaton is able to manage turnkey total energy solutions that include all aspects of key projects, such as needs assessments, installation of systems and equipment, savings verification, financing and maintenance. Projects led by ESCO companies are required to meet stipulations of DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program and other federal laws and regulations designed to better manage energy consumption, improve facilities’ energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.