Diesel price surge continues

Atlanta Buffalo E1299514924886Based on data from truckstops, the price of diesel appears to have jumped significantly over the past week. Last week’s Energy Information Administration report showed a 14.3-cent jump in diesel prices in the wake of turmoil in Libya and the Middle East.

According to FuelSurchargeIndex.org, advances of 8 to 9 cents per gallon were common during the week of Feb. 28, and some locations jumped more than 20 cents per gallon. For example, drivers along the lane from Atlanta to Buffalo, N.Y., would have experienced an average increase of 12.5 cents per gallon since the EIA number was published on Feb. 28. Average prices in that lane were up 26 cents from Feb. 21. As of March 4, 97 truckstops showed diesel at $3.999 a gallon.