Greer Truck and Trailer joins Vipar Heavy Duty network


Vipar Heavy Duty announced that Greer Truck and Trailer Parts Inc. is the newest stockholder to join the Vipar Heavy Duty network of distributors. Headquartered in Paul, Idaho, Greer Truck and Trailer Parts serves southeastern and south central Idaho from one location and is lead by Ray Greer, president.

“Greer Truck and Trailer Parts has been associated with truck parts and repair in Idaho for over 50 years,” says Jim Pennig, vice president of business development for Vipar Heavy Duty. “We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the newest stockholder of the Vipar Heavy Duty network.”

The legacy of Greer Truck and Trailer Parts began with Greer’s father, Robert, who started a truck, tractor and auto repair facility in 1959. He later expanded into heavy-duty truck parts and operated a brake relining shop.