UPS names Wicker chief sustainability officer


Scott Wicker, UPS’s vice president of corporate plant engineering, has been named the company’s first chief sustainability officer. “The creation of the new post recognizes the expanding scope of UPS’s sustainability actions, as well as its strategic importance,” says David Abney, UPS chief operating officer. “The long-term success of our company absolutely requires a balance of the environmental, economic and social aspects of the business. Sustainability encompasses all of those areas.”

Wicker already has been involved with the advancement of sustainability at UPS, establishing a dedicated engineering group that manages global sustainability data for reporting and also leads internal environmental initiatives. His team oversees a cross-functional Sustainability Working Committee that establishes key performance indicators and goals for the company. Wicker also is a member of the Corporate Sustainability Steering Committee, which includes six members of the UPS’s Management Committee executives, the top tier of the company’s management structure.

An electrical engineer, Wicker has been with UPS for 34 years, starting out as a package loader and then advancing through UPS’s engineering ranks.