Lightning Pick provides real-time control via phone


Lightning Pick Technologies announced the release of its LP Mobile application designed to provide real-time productivity views, operations management controls and system diagnostics through mobile or smartphones. LP Mobile is a Web application and is compatible across all smartphone platforms.

LP Mobile is designed to give managers a competitive advantage by keeping them connected to their Lightning Pick systems even when not in close physical proximity of the pick area or a Lightning Pick software workstation. The mobile app offers real-time dashboard-style updates on their Lightning Pick-controlled operations, including pick rates, area overview, order progress and other facility statistics via phones.

Besides Key Performance Indicator data views, LP Mobile also is designed to allow managers to execute operational changes through their phones for continued optimization. Users can create work plans, log employees in or out of the system and examine order details or box contents with the appropriate order number or barcode label. LP Mobile also can run system diagnostics within specific areas of the pick operation, should an error occur.