Yokohama to increase OTR tire prices by up to 10%

Updated Apr 6, 2011

Yokohama Tire Corp. announced it will implement a price increase of up to 10 percent on all of its off-the-road tires in the United States effective May 1. There also will be in-line adjustments that which will be announced at a later date. Gary Nash, Yokohama vice president of OTR sales, says the price increase was not due to the recent earthquake in Japan. “It’s from the escalating costs of raw materials, such as natural rubber,” Nash says.

Additional factors necessitating the increase, according to Nash, are the rising costs in transportation and manufacturing. “We do our best to integrate our operational efficiencies, technology and environmental procedures to produce the best OTR tires at competitive prices,” he says. “The increasing costs, unfortunately, must be reflected in our product pricing.”