Eaton’s soft-start controllers designed to cut energy costs, increase system life

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Eaton Corp. is introducing the DS7 line of compact high-performance soft-start controllers designed for customers who require reliable and efficient soft starting. The DS7 soft starters are designed to prove smooth acceleration and deceleration of the load, minimizing shock to mechanical components, extending life of the system, increasing reliability, reducing downtime and lowering costs.

Designed for pump, fan and conveyor belt applications, as well as water/wastewater and heating, ventilating and air conditioning industries, the DS7 soft starters are designed to reduce the demands made on a motor during start up, resulting in reduced energy requirements. “By minimizing mechanical and electronic impact on the system, soft starting increases component life,” says Ram Tenneti, product manager at Eaton. “The DS7 soft starter can control motor deceleration, reduce peak in-rush current, minimize penalties from utilities and reduce costs.”

Because of its small size, the Eaton DS7 soft starter can provide customers with the benefits of soft starting without necessitating a change in enclosure sizes or additional assemblies; it also has an integrated bypass relay. he DS7 is available for current ranges from 16 to 32 amps. With an asymmetric delay angle control, the DS7 helps make torque behavior similar to a three-phase starter. It can take 24V of direct or alternating current, or 110V/230V of alternating control voltage. It is also Underwriters Laboratories-approved.