Teletrac unveils new Fleet Director and in-cab terminal

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Updated Aug 4, 2011

Teletrac announced the release of Fleet Director 8.5, the latest version of its fleet management telematics system.

The company says that fleet managers can improve profit-and-loss factors such as fuel consumption and safety performance by using new trending analytics in Fleet Director 8.5 to instantly spot performance peaks and valleys over any recent three-month period.

Fleet Director 8.5 also delivers new, Microsoft Silverlight mapping that’s faster, more interactive and more detailed. For example, dispatchers can track vehicles more easily in unfamiliar locales by rotating maps’ orientation in “bird’s eye” view offering realistic perspectives on streets and road signs.

Teletrac also announced the release of its latest in-cab color terminal, featuring a QWERTY keyboard and other improvements such as predictive text for quicker, easier data and address entry.

Teletrac says that with the trending analytics in Fleet Director 8.5, managers can quickly answer questions such as: To what degree does fuel consumption rise and fall with changes in safety performance over time? Is this consistent fleetwide, or does it vary? Do excess idle time “hot spots” show up in recurring patterns, such as with certain drivers in specific locales? Do speeding violations show patterns — among drivers, vehicles, locales, times of day, highway vs. street — that yield clues to improving safety? Can operations personnel utilize vehicles more efficiently and can monitoring variables such as PTO (power take off) impact productivity?

Selecting dates/times and any specified group of vehicles, Fleet Director 8.5 users can interactively trend variables including miles per gallon, speed violations, driver incidents such as harsh stopping and hard braking, exceptions, fault codes, utilization, idle time, miles driven, engine time, and travel time. Six months of rolling data are instantly available.

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