John Davis Trucking countersues Amtrak, UP, following deadly crash

Rr Crossing E1312386899371According to a report in the Reno Gazette Journal, John Davis Trucking Company is countersuing Amtrak and Union Pacific following an accident June 24 when a JDT truck struck an Amtrak train, killing six people. According to the report, JDT alleges the rail companies failed to maintain a safe railroad crossing at the crash site and didn’t adequately warn drivers of on-coming trains.

“We have significant concerns regarding the manner in which Amtrak and Union Pacific operated that crossing both from the perspective of the train and its operations and the manner in which the crossing was operated for those lawfully on the roads, including John Davis’ truck,” said Steve Jaffee, JDT’s lawyer, in the Reno Gazette Journal report.

In a statement on JDT’s Website, company management said, “The family of people who are John Davis Trucking wish to express their deepest condolences and sincerest sympathies to the family members and friends of those who lost their loved ones in the tragic accident of Friday, June 24. We join those around the country and the world in mourning the deaths of the conductor and the passengers of the California Zephyr and the passing of Lawrence Valli, a member of our family, who also died in this accident. We also send out our wishes to those injured in this accident for a full and speedy recovery, and you will all remain in our hearts and prayers.  Please know that we recognize our moral and social obligation to find out how this accident happened, and we intend to cooperate with the authorities in their investigation.  Thank you.”