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• “In typical reactive style, our president and our government have inserted rules that leave small businesses out without option. Force manufacturers to produce by this date and force industry to invest by this date. Have they forgotten the principle that small businesses create jobs, not large industry? Unfortunately for us in small-business trucking (fewer than 250 units), forced investment in an unstable economy is not en vogue. Banks have completely different expectations than government, and cleaning the air with a 5-year return on my investment is not on the last financial statement I was asked to submit.”

• “This is a joke – every year they come out with new standards that drive the cost of equipment up. The cost to operate these new Class 8 engines has risen dramatically. The diesel engines were more efficient in 2007 and prior.”

– online reader comments on in response to a CCJDigital news article on new heavy-duty truck fuel economy standards

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