Bendix launches remanufacturing division

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has introduced a new business unit solely focused on remanufacturing. Capitalizing on more than 35 years’ experience in remanufacturing compressors, air dryers, valves, and brake shoes, the new Bendix unit consolidates the company’s remanufacturing efforts and will expand the company’s aftermarket business in North America and worldwide.

“Remanufacturing for Class 6, 7, 8, and trailers in North America accounted for $3.1 billion in 2010,” said Steve Mance, Bendix vice president and general manager – Charging group. “Remanufacturing offers long-term growth opportunities for Bendix. With our long-established expertise in remanufacturing and deep understanding of market needs, we are well-positioned to expand our efforts and realize the significant growth potential in this area. Furthermore, the remanufacturing business will provide customers an opportunity to purchase remanufactured products that have the same level of performance they have come to expect from a Bendix product.”

By salvaging key components of returned products and reassembling them with other salvaged and new components, Bendix can provide remanufactured products which meet OE specifications and ensure availability even in peak demand years. And Bendix engineers in the new business unit can now use components originally manufactured by other brands to bring remanufactured parts as close as possible to their OE specifications.

While Bendix’s remanufactured parts provide a lower-priced alternative to new parts, the company’s robust release process means Bendix can guarantee its remanufactured products for the same period of time as an OE product warranty.

Remanufacturing also reduces Bendix’s environmental impact by lessening the carbon dioxide output associated with the fabrication of new parts.

Henry Foxx, Bendix director for Compressors, will lead the unit. Foxx, a 20-year industry veteran, has led the Bendix Compressors group since joining the company in 2005.