Stemco AirBAT now records low tire pressure history

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Updated Oct 28, 2011

BatRF by Stemco has announced an addition to its AirBAT tire pressure monitoring system. The new AirBAT low tire log is designed to enhance the system’s driver accountability features by storing low tire history on each tire sensor.

Each AirBAT sensor records and time-stamps tire pressure information, retaining in memory the duration and lowest recorded pressure for each low tire event. Stemco says the information can be read by the system’s handheld reader, providing previously unavailable insight into unexplainable tire issues.

“With this new feature, maintenance managers will have more power to understand a tire’s inflation history, which may explain unusual tread wear and/or tire failures, not to mention excessive fuel usage,” says Bob Montgomery, vice president of Fleet Information Systems for Stemco. “If they can understand the cause of these problems, they can better manage tire and fuel costs through driver education and coaching.”

The new feature is the result of collaboration between Stemco engineers and tire experts such as Randy Drake, executive vice president of McGriff Tire Co. “If you start with a good tire, improper inflation is the number one cause of reduced tire life and increased tire failures, hands down,” says Drake. “We really believe this new feature will increase driver attentiveness to proper inflation because he knows his tire pressure is on the record.”