Aljex integrates Comdata for checks, cash, Virtual Credit Cards

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Aljex, a provider of hosted management software for freight brokers, 3PLs and other transportation providers, announced that it has integrated the Comdata Mastercard fleet card into its hosted transportation management system, automating the issuance and bookkeeping of Comdata products in fleet and broker businesses. The integration includes automatic posting of Comdata card fuel purchases to an Aljex user’s account. Those amounts can be deducted from driver settlements in batches or individually.

Aljex says the integration enables its users to enter all the information necessary to issue money or credit to a driver on the road. Information need only be entered once on an Aljex page to be carried through to Comdata, which automatically issues the selected product – Express Check, Express Cash, or Virtual Credit Card – and updates the user’s Comdata account. Meanwhile, Aljex automatically notes the name and pro number associated with the transaction and deducts the amount from the proper account.

In the case of a carrier, it might be deducted from the driver’s settlement. For a broker, it likely would be deducted from the amount due a carrier. When a driver uses his Comdata card to buy fuel, Comdata automatically forwards the transaction to Aljex, where it posts to the user’s account. Then with a mouseclick, the Aljex user can approve the purchase and enable the dollar amount to be deducted from the driver’s settlement or carrier’s invoice.

Alternatively, the process can be totally automatic. The driver enters the pro number to buy fuel, Comdata issues the advance, the fuel is pumped, and the amount is deducted from that driver’s settlement – all automatically. “Integration with Comdata is an important step forward for Aljex customers, particularly for asset-based companies,” says Robyn Freeman, vice president of sales for Aljex. “It eliminates multiple data entry of the same information, and that reduces errors while expediting the process of fleet management. We’re very pleased to offer Comdata integration to Aljex customers.”