Pitt Ohio Truckload launches FuelOpps software

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Updated Dec 22, 2011

Pitt Ohio Truckload powered by ECM Transport announced a partnership with a local Pittsburgh-based startup company, Propel IT, to launch a program to help its drivers better manage their fuel consumption.

FuelOpps utilizes a software system designed by Propel IT to integrate with ECM’s Qualcomm on-board computers and analyze a driver’s efficiency relative to fuel consumption. FuelOpps collects data output from the tractors’ engine relative to shifting and idling techniques. Drivers can login to the FuelOpps website to monitor their progress online and benchmark their efficiency to the company average and their peers.

“The great relationship ECM management has with its drivers has made for a smooth implementation and makes it easy to highlight the benefits of FuelOps for management, the driver managers, and the drivers,” said Yunsu Park, chief technology officer of Propel (www.propelit.net). “With outstanding support from the ECM team, Propel’s FuelOpps technology generates benefits to ECM’s bottom line through changes in driving and idling. Our team looks forward to a long lasting partnership with ECM.”

Ed Meier, President of ECM Transport, added: “FuelOpps has created an opportunity for ECM to manage and coach our drivers on how to be more fuel efficient. It is important for ECM to control our carbon footprint and a reduction in fuel consumption will have the biggest impact to allow us to do that.”