Sylectus debuts new Web-Based dashboard

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Updated Feb 17, 2012

Sylect Dash 2

Sylectus, a strategic business unit of Qualcomm Enterprise Services, announced the availability of SylectDash, a new Web-based dashboard solution designed to allow real-time access to mission-critical information to improve fleet management. Sylectus says that by leveraging this “anytime, anywhere” toolset, customers can access fleet information to make timely business decisions, creating a competitive market advantage along with increased time- and cost-savings across operations.

SylectDash is an optional module of the Sylectus Transportation Management Software available for purchase on Sylectus’ website. Designed for fleet managers with up to 400 trucks, SylectDash boasts the following features, according to the company:
• Web-based dashboard: Streamlines quick and easy, near real-time access, allowing customers to tap into mission-critical information for timely decision-making, ultimately helping sustain successful business operations;
• Visually powerful presentation instruments: Month-to-month gross margin, predictive sensitivity analysis reports and more allow fleet managers to maximize profitability and fleet utilization by providing meaningful easy-to-grasp near real-time representations of what is actually happening with all aspects of their operations; and
• Event forecasting/analysis: Simulates future events with real-time “what if” scenarios to improve tactical and strategic planning by equipping fleet managers with the tools to better anticipate and execute against events that could pose potential threats to business operations.

“Through close collaboration with our network of customers, we developed a Web-based dashboard that delivers accurate information to the right hands, removing previous workflow barriers,” says Stuart Sutton, senior director at Qualcomm Enterprise Services and general manager of Sylectus. “Today’s fleet managers face evolving business needs. As such, the ability to anticipate future events and adapt accordingly affords unique market agility and the flexibility to avoid scenarios that previously derailed operations. With SylectDash, fleet managers can make smarter business decisions that not only attract new opportunities for financial success, but also ensure ‘staying power’ within the larger transportation industry.”