Rethinking trucking music

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If you’re a trucker, you love country music. At least that’s what most of America thinks – you know, the folks who don’t drive 18-wheelers for a living, the people who’ve never stepped into a big-rig cab. Years of TV shows and Smokey-Bandit movies have left the impression that drivers don’t listen to any music that doesn’t have steel guitars and lyrics about the girl standing on the other side of the bar looking for a drink and a dance.

Now while I haven’t met the vast majority of truck drivers across the country, I’d bet a lot of them really do like country music since it’s pretty popular with most people from all walks of life. But I’d also wager that truckers listen to other types of music as well. There’s probably quite a few drivers who dig Miles Davis, John Coltrane and the other jazz giants. Plenty of truckers probably find classical music a relaxing departure while fighting tight traffic. Heck, I’d think there’s a fair share of headbanging metalheads behind the wheels of the rigs I see on my way to work.

The point? Just that truckers are people just like anyone else – people that can’t be pigeonholed by a predetermined stereotype. While they’re all bound by a similar profession, they’re also individuals with unique tastes and preferences. Fleets expanding their driver retention and outreach efforts might do well to keep in mind that what works well for one group might not be as successful with another segment. It might pay to get to know the guy behind the wheel a little better.

Just something to keep in mind while jamming to Jason Aldean.