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Let’s move to black boxes

“The Record of Duty Status logbooks are a complete waste of time. Put a black box-type system in trucks that a cop can jack into and see a readout of how long the truck has been in motion (that means ‘being driven’). That’s really all that the cop needs to know. Why does the cop need to know how much sleep you’ve had or where you went off duty? If the readout shows you’ve been driving more than 11 hours without a 10-hour break, that’s all he needs to write the ticket and put the driver out of service. Make it financially painful to violate the HOS. The MCMIS and the CDLIS and the Driver Registry can be consolidated with the cops able to log in to see everything. The problem is that the bureaucrats have their little fiefdoms that they are protecting, so they keep the old systems forever.” -David McQueen




“Rules made by people that have no clue about this industry will never work. They created the 14-hour clock to help with our body clocks. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the 14-hour clock is killing me. Instead of taking a nap to avoid a jam, we now have to play ‘beat the clock.’ I always ran on the principle ‘If you’re tired, sleep, and run when you are awake.’ Now a clock dictates how and when I drive. How is that safer? Keep the mandatory 8-hour minimum and dump the 14-hour clock, and everyone is happy.”

-Tom Ingraldi



Show me cause

“Targeting unsafe carriers and unsafe drivers is OK. It is the right thing to do, but to say the industry is unsafe and that they need to change is borderline-stupid. I can find no one in the government that can tell me straightforward the one real reason that the HOS were changed in the first place. Nor the second place either. They spout safety but cannot show proof or cause for the HOS changes. Abolishing of paper logs the reason? Eliminate the thinking driver so we all fit in the square hole. Could it be that the government does not like drivers with a work ethic? Could it be that some of us get the job done in spite of the obstacles placed in front of us? Could it be that the dependability of professional drivers scares the government? EOBRs will detract from the very thing that makes us what we are – professionals.” -Gordon A



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Drive Axle Untitled 1Drive Axle

What it does: Eleos Technologies’ Drive Axle app streamlines the document process by allowing drivers to capture images of freight documents at delivery and transmit them to the home office. Drive Axle uses industry-standard data formats and protocols – Web services, FTP, etc. – to match the existing capabilities of most corporate document management systems and processes.

What they say: Drive Axle adds Mobile Document Capture to your existing systems with near-zero fuss and setup cost. Document images are transmitted directly to your existing document management system.

Access: iPhone, Android



Iowa80 Untitled 1iowa80museum

What it does: Take a virtual tour of the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum in Walcott, Iowa. View photos and read about the collection of amazing vintage trucks. Learn about trucks owned by the Moon family that currently are not on display in the museum.

What they say: Audio files are narrated by the museum curator and provide additional information about these rare pieces of trucking history. Every truck has a story to tell and can provide a unique glimpse back in time.

Access: iPhone, Android