Qualcomm updates Trailer Tracks 210

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Updated Sep 7, 2012

Qualcomm Inc. – a provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies – announced the release of its latest edition of Trailer Tracks 210. The untethered trailer tracking platform now includes an embedded solar charging system, utilizing the latest technology to preserve equipment uptime and battery life, while the one-piece hardware configuration is designed to allow for easy installation.

TT210, now commercially available, is designed to provide timely information about the location and status of trailers for more efficient planning, enhanced productivity and improved security. Accessible for private and for-hire fleets of all sizes, the standalone platform monitors both tethered and untethered trailers independent of truck-based mobile systems and automatically reports the location and status of the trailers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Qualcomm said the platform includes two automated monitoring capabilities that leverage the connection between the TT210 device and the Qualcomm in-cab unit:
• Onboard geofencing: The built-in intelligence of the TT210 platform receives and stores geofence parameters, frequently communicating location information and allowing the unit to accurately compare its whereabouts to the geofence coordinates set by the customer. TT210’s onboard geofencing feature has the built-in intelligence to quickly identify when a vehicle enters and exits a geofence, allowing the fleet to take action immediately. The platform does not require the host software to calculate whether a geofence has been breached, so more accurate and timely reporting can occur; and
• Connects and disconnects: When leveraging connectivity with Qualcomm’s in-cab unit, TT210 delivers frequent and detailed reporting on trailer connects and disconnects.

“To be profitable, fleet managers must ensure all resources are being used to maximum capacity, and they can’t do that if they lack real-time insight where trailers are located, which ones are in use and loaded versus empty,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “We listened to this customer feedback and designed the TT210 with improved capabilities.”