Vigillo offers new driver scoring index

Updated Sep 7, 2012


Vigillo, creators of data mining software products designed to aggregate, organize and deliver complex fleet safety information in an easy-to-read scorecard format, announced the release of the Daylight Driver Index, a driver scoring system that describes an individual driver’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration record using Compliance Safety Accountability data.

Vigillo said the new product assigns a single number (0-100) based on information collected on commercial vehicle drivers during on-road safety inspections and state-reported commercial motor vehicle crash records.

“DDI is a fair, easily explained and entirely objective process of scoring and ranking drivers under CSA,” said Steven Bryan, founder and chief executive officer of Vigillo. “It’s similar to how a credit score is a single number that describes a person’s creditworthiness.”

Because drivers’ scores in the Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) are not available publicly, motor carriers have struggled with how to assess driver performance. Vigillo said it has almost three quarters of a million drivers in its aggregate customer database to offer a solution to this problem.

“Because carrier CSA scores are essentially the rolled-up aggregation of individual drivers’ roadside performance, having a single number to easily and quickly view will be of great assistance to carriers that want to improve and maintain long-term positive CSA scores,” Bryan said.