creates CPCheck carrier monitoring service

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Cpc Logo 2Salt Lake City, Utah-based will introduce a new carrier monitoring service – Carrier Performance Check  (“CPCheck”) – to hundreds of brokerage users attending McLeod Software’s 2012 User Conference Sept. 16-18 in Birmingham, Ala. The monitoring service will compete directly with existing carrier monitoring providers by supplying an expanded set of Web and enterprise services and an aggressive pricing model, the company says.

In addition to low-cost online access to carrier information, CPCheck is being integrated with McLeod’s PowerBroker brokerage software to help companies eliminate the manual hassle and risk of validating carriers, gathering insurance information and monitoring carrier safety and authority data from within their enterprise application. CPCheck also will be integrated with other brokerage software offerings.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to expand our transportation services offering,” said Lyn Simon, president of, who developed CPCheck in-house with his team.”We saw an increasing need for affordable, accurate carrier information and documentation to support shipper decision-making and brokerage operations.”

The site provides one-stop shopping with access to carrier performance reporting; authority and insurance history; CSA scores and trends; and cargo, liability and nonowned trailer physical damage insurance monitoring. Users can search using a carrier’s name, DOT or MC number to get safety details of a specific motor carrier that include safety ratings, authority information and history, insurance information and history, roadside inspection details, CSA Basic scores and address history.

CPCheck also provides recent and historical CSA scores for all carriers in the BASIC categories of Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances/Alcohol and Vehicle Maintenance. CPCheck customers can use this information to analyze the trends of their carriers’ CSA performance, the company says.

“With CPCheck we’ve decreased the amount of time needed to validate the safety, insurance, authority and history of the carriers that we hire,” said Zan Sharp of Sharp Transportation, Inc. “Using CPCheck we can evaluate a carrier with a single click. This is vital to the security and efficiency of our businesses.”