Carl Tapp to consult for SA Concepts

Carl Tapp knows what it means to be a veteran, both of the United States military and the commercial trucking industry. Today, the recently retired VP of Maintenance for PAM Transport, and CCJ magazine’s 2011 Career Leadership Award recipient, has found a new way to marry those passions and use his experience. Tapp is currently acting as Technical Consultant to Sustainable Aerodynamic Concepts, a new manufacturer of aerodynamic trailer skirts.

SA Concepts is not merely a supplier of parts, but rather a nonprofit veteran transition program created to help keep military veterans enrolled in school. SA Concepts pays their employees a living wage, giving them flex hours so that they can remain enrolled full time in school, and also offers other support where necessary. According to VP of Sales and Marketing Drake Vanhooser, “The GI Bill has done a lot to help soldiers get an education once they leave the military. Unfortunately, the GI Bill doesn’t cover all of life’s expenses, especially for soldiers with families to support. We wanted to create a program that would help these veterans stay in school, finish their degrees, and reach their career ambitions.”

The Aerosmart trailer skirting produced by SA Concepts is EPA SmartWay certified and is made with materials reclaimed from scrap semi trailers. Trailers fitted with Aerosmart skirting have shown a verifiable improvement in fuel efficiency. As a fleet executive, Tapp was meticulous about determining the true value of products he purchased for his vehicles, and his relationship with SA Concepts will help them manufacture and supply a product with real, measurable benefits. “Carl has been a huge help to us at SA Concepts. His experience in the trucking industry gives him a perspective that few people have. He knew the tough questions that buyers would ask, and has helped us prepare to answer those questions and meet those challenges.”