Wheel Time – American Power Group ink natural gas deal

Updated Dec 13, 2012

American Power Group Corporation announced that its subsidiary, American Power Group, Inc. (“APG”) has signed a National Distributor and Master Marketing Agreement with WheelTime Network. Under the terms of the agreement, WheelTime will endorse APG technology and engage its member companies in establishing a North American network to market and install APG’s Vehicular Turbocharged Natural Gas Systems.

APG says its system is a cost-effective and non-invasive patented turbocharged natural gas dual fuel conversion technology for trucks, stationary generators and off-road mobile diesel engines. The APG system offers a 300-800 mile dual fuel range with no loss of power and torque and, depending on the route profile, delivers an average annual net fuel savings of 15%-30% over 100% diesel fuel. With no practical design limits for engine models or horsepower, the APG system is currently EPA-approved for 88 engine families and is expected to receive EPA approval for more than 200 additional engine families by the end of 2013. The APG system offers the flexibility to return the vehicle to 100% diesel operation at any time. At end-of-life or vehicular rotation, the APG system and natural gas tank can be easily removed and installed on another EPA approved engine.

“We see natural gas as an important and necessary development in our industry. Accordingly, WheelTime made a strategic decision earlier this year to begin taking the necessary steps to become a center of excellence for the installation and service of natural gas engines,” said Mike Delaney, President and CEO of WheelTime Network.

Delaney added: “In addition to dedicated natural gas engines, we believe diesel engine dual fuel conversions will be an evolutionary step for natural gas, providing a low risk way for fleets to get the benefit of natural gas fuel savings and giving existing equipment new life.”

Lyle Jensen, CEO of American Power Group states, “To become aligned with the number one quality truck service network in North America is clearly one of the most important marketing and operational milestones in our company’s history. WheelTime members understand engine performance and their leadership in installation and warranty service will accelerate the rollout of our technology. With this agreement, we have the opportunity to provide an integrated-approach and nationwide scalability for our certified installations, and we look forward to working with WheelTime member companies to introduce our non-invasive dual fuel system to their fleet customers.”

Delaney said, “During 2012, we conducted extensive due diligence and recognized APG as the current world leader in non-invasive dual fuel conversion technology. In our view, the APG Turbocharged Natural Gas System provides the best overall customer value when it comes to diesel-like performance characteristics and the lowest total cost of ownership. We look forward to working with Lyle Jensen and his APG Team to introduce what we believe is a game-changing technology in natural gas engine systems.”

Delaney says the WheelTime agreement with American Power Group continues the WheelTime Network’s commitment to strategic initiatives that enhance the value of the Network to customers. WheelTime plans to expand Network services and capabilities as it continues to drive quality across the system and employ innovation across all systems and customer services.

“The industry wants and needs support that is oriented toward the way trucking companies do business. The new APG non-invasive dual fuel natural gas system extends the viability of older trucks by allowing them to take advantage of fuel savings while complying with new environmental regulations,” Delaney added. “When you match WheelTime members’ background in handling complex repairs with their unified desire to create a service network that is second to none, you get innovation and the commitment to partnerships like this one with APG that can set new standards for the industry.”