Meritor Wabco upgrades collision warning, trailer stability systems

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Meritor Wabco announced availability of its next-generation OnGuard collision mitigation system. The company also announced availability of its new Rollover Stability Support 1M (RSS 1M) trailer stability control system, and that its Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) is available for both OEM installation and aftermarket retrofit.

Meritor Wabco said the new OnGuard system is already in production at two major OEM nameplates, with two more OEMs set to begin production in the second quarter. Key product enhancements, according to the company, include:
• A 33 percent longer forward radar range with long- and mid-range detection capability;
• Auto alignment that facilitates faster and easier installation, eliminating the need for periodic manual adjustment;
• Stationary object warning that provides driver warnings on approach to stationary vehicles while minimizing the potential of nonessential warnings from other nonthreatening objects; and
• Evasive maneuver check that facilitates enhanced vehicle and driver visibility into adjacent freeway lanes. If the system recognizes the potential for an imminent rearend collision and detects an object in an adjacent lane, it immediately determines that the vehicle cannot perform a safe evasive maneuver and optimizes the vehicle’s warning response and potential brake application accordingly.

Trailer stability control system

Meritor Wabco announced the combination of auto lift axle control and tire inflation data management into its new RSS 1M system. These features are intended to provide additional benefits by controlling and monitoring ancillary trailer components alongside the system’s trailer rollover mitigation functionality.

RSS 1M is a two-sensor one-modulator system that provides both ABS and trailer stability control integrated into a single unit that can be linked with a variety of trailer components. The RSS 1M is derived from the RSS 2M system, which has been available to fleets for nine years.

Electronic air suspension

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Meritor Wabco says ECAS addresses two customer groups. For fleets that already are using 6×2 vehicle configurations for weight and fuel savings, ECAS provides “intelligent load transfer” to help improve traction and reduce tire wear. For fleets that are not using but are considering 6×2 configurations, ECAS provides optimal traction and ride performance to support conversion to 6×2.

Meritor Wabco says ECAS addresses longstanding fleet concerns regarding 6Ă—2 tractor applications by providing enhanced traction capability, improved drive axle tire wear, reduced parasitic loss and further weight savings.