Phillips Industries introduces corrosion-resistant quick connect modular system

In response to an ongoing problem of corrosion on 7-way connections, Phillips Industries introduced the STA-DRY QCMS2, a quick-connect modular system designed to reduce corrosion buildup in the electrical systems of commercial vehicles.

Phillips’ QCMS2 is semi-hardwired to the tractor to create a complete seal at the 7-way connection, mating directly with Phillips STA-DRY QCS or QCS2 quick-connect socket boots and eliminating breaks or gaps where moisture can enter.

“Phillips thought that the most intriguing point regarding the failure at the 7-way connection, is that it happens more frequently at the tractor union”, said Megan Vincent, Phillips Marketing. According to fleet maintenance experts, most 7-way unions on the tractor side are disconnected and cleaned 99 percent less than trailer 7-way unions.

SAE J560 requirements do not call for a watertight connection, and with many connectors being constructed in different sizes for compatibility purposes, it leaves a considerable gap between the plug and socket connection, where contaminants easily enter.

The QCMS2 has undergone extensive field testing with a major North American carrier with no warranty issues. In addition, the product passed a rigorous electrified salt tank test where the connection was exposed to a continuous spray of brine solution while electrical currents were passed through the product for 120 hours.