Mitsubishi Fuso hosts New Jersey congressman

RepAndrews,TBloom,CHelwigU.S. Congressman Robert E. Andrews Meets with Mitsubishi Fuso Executives
U.S. Congressman Robert E. Andrews (D-NJ 1st District) spent part of Friday morning, April 5, talking to executives at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA) in Logan Township, NJ, and touring the company’s North American headquarters. He shared policy perspectives based on his work in Washington, and took time to learn more about MFTA and its business.

According to Todd Bloom, MFTA’s president and CEO, “As most goods are moved by truck, and many services are provided by contractors and vendors using trucks for their livelihood, the trucking industry is a leading indicator of economic conditions. Hence, our position in the industry gives us significant insight into economic trends across a broad range of industries.

“We were able to share some of those insights with Congressman Andrews, who was very interested in assessing current economic conditions and in understanding future trends as we see them. At the same time, we gained an appreciation of Congressman Andrews’ views on economic policy and his interest in job growth. We look forward to the opportunity for more cooperation between the government and private sector businesses like ours going forward.”