Omnilink, Sprint to offer trailer tracking

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Updated Apr 15, 2013

Omnilink announced a collaboration with Sprint to offer Omnilink Asset Tracker for Trailers, which enables fleet owners to locate and manage trailers across the United States.

Omnilink Asset Tracker for Trailers combines the Omnilink Asset Tracker application with the CalAmp TTU-720 device, which uses GPS and Sprint’s nationwide Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network to provide fleet managers with the exact location of every trailer. With this real-time and/or historical information, Omnilink says fleet managers can:

• Improve security and utilization of remote trailers with configurable alerts for trailers that are moved or sit idle for too long.
• Reduce costs by automating inventory management, saving fuel and time searching for remote trailers and freeing staff to focus on more productive activities.
• Know the location of all trailers in-transit to improve responsiveness and provide delivery status to customers, particularly those with just-in-time supply chains.
• Increase revenue by increasing the frequency of trailer turns between arrival and departure.
• Increase billable hours by accounting for the actual time trailers are detained or stored at a customer site.

“In today’s economy, fleet owners can’t afford to have any more trailers sitting idle without producing revenue,” said Wayne Ward, vice president-M2M and Connected Transportation, Sprint. “Omnilink uses our network technology to help keep cargo moving. It determines which trailers are parked in each yard, which trailers need to be picked up, and the precise GPS location of every trailer in a fleet, giving owners real-time location information necessary to ensure that every trailer is maximizing revenue.”

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, fleets are accumulating more than three trailers per tractor to accommodate for the lack of trailer visibility and status.