FMCSA shuts down Colorado-based carrier for myriad of violations


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered trucking company GD Cars, based in Aurora, Colo., to immediately cease all operations after the carrier’s equipment was found to have serious safety deficiencies, its drivers were not complying to hours-of-service rules and it did not comply with drug and alcohol testing standards.

FMCSA made the announcement Friday, May 24. GD Cars mainly transported used cars and trucks, FMCSA said.

During its investigation, the agency says it “found serious vehicle safety deficiencies.” It had two vehicles impounded in Kansas for safety-related issues. Moreover, it did not comply with federal regulations that require carriers to randomly drug test drivers. It also failed to monitor and ensure drivers were driving within hours-of-service limits, and sometimes it would dispatch drivers who did not have a commercial driver’s license.

Click here to view the agency’s imminent hazard out-of-service order.