Utah to deploy 360SmartView bypass system

Updated Jul 23, 2013

The state of Utah will soon deploy 360SmartView throughout its network of truck inspection facilities. 360SmartView is a cloud-based truck-sorting system that will electronically assess all trucks entering weigh stations and present roadside officers with a real-time, complete and correct snapshot of compliance with state and federal safety and weight requirements.

“We’re extremely pleased that the Utah Department of Transportation has selected 360SmartView to assist its inspection officers with targeting noncompliant carriers,” said Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of HELP Inc., the provider of 360SmartView, PrePass and other safety technologies.
“360SmartView can improve highway safety, extend the life of road and bridge infrastructure and allow compliant carriers to move down the road while
enforcement officials focus their attention on trucks and drivers with deficiencies.”

States that have deployed 360SmartView in the past have reported as much as a 23 percent increase in violations detected per inspection, attributing this increase to the technology’s ability to more clearly identify deficient carriers. This allows enforcement to focus scarce resources on those trucks and drivers more likely to have safety defects.

“We are excited to have 360 SmartView technology as part of our commercial vehicle safety initiative,” said Chad Sheppick, Director Motor Carrier Services, Utah Department of Transportation. “This technology will provide economic and safety benefits to the motor carrier industry. It will also enhance the state’s safety and enforcement program by providing another tool to identify non-compliant trucks and carriers and allow Utah to better utilize our valuable resources.”

Utah’s Perry sites on I-15 just north of Salt Lake City will be the initial sites in the state to deploy 360SmartView.