Double Coin announces SmartWay certification

Double Coin and CMA announced that the Double Coin RR680 tire has met the requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay Technology Program.

EPA has verified that the RR680 has met the low rolling resistance tire performance criteria for new tires in both the steer and drive positions. Since 2004, EPA’s SmartWay Technology Program tests and verifies the performance of vehicles, technologies and equipment that have the potential to lower greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from freight transport.

​“Double Coin’s RR680 was designed for today’s transportation requirements and joins five other Double Coin fuel efficient models included in the OptiGreen™ Series line,” said Aaron C. Murphy, Vice President of CMA “We are very pleased to have our premium products recognized by the EPA for our low rolling resistance technology. Our customers can be assured that by using any of our Optigreen Series tires, it will assist them in reducing emissions and increasing fuel mileage.”

In addition to the RR680, the OptiGreen Series includes Double Coin’s FR605, FD405, FT105, FT125, and the FD425. For more information about Double Coin tires, visit the website at: