Vnomics creates CORE system for driver coaching, vehicle analysis

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Updated Oct 25, 2013

At the 2013 American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition, Vnomics Corp. announced that it has launched CORE, a fleet performance system designed to improve fuel economy, driver safety and operational efficiency. CORE combines two of Vnomics’ most distinct programs — individualized real-time driver coaching and comprehensive vehicle analysis — into a single offering that can be used by any fleet, regardless of what electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) system they are using.

“In the past, having an existing EOBR system may have been a roadblock for companies that wanted to use Vnomics’ real-time driver coaching and comprehensive vehicle analysis programs,” said Chief Executive Officer David Chauncey. “CORE completely removes that hurdle, and gives all fleets the opportunity and flexibility to quickly benefit from Vnomics’ patented technology.”

Vnomics’ CORE uncovers vehicle and driver performance potential to maximize fleet performance. Robust analysis is performed on each vehicle to identify MPG potential, ensure vehicles are geared correctly, and detect performance outliers. Vnomics continuously monitors interactions between the vehicle, driver, load and environment, and identifies the optimal way to operate and maintain the vehicle. Real-time in-cab alerts instantly coach drivers to become more efficient, safer, and put less wear-and-tear on the vehicle.

Examples of the alerts include audible tones for improper shifting, hard acceleration, and idling over set period of time.

Fleets that have implemented the CORE system have seen 20 percent or more improvement in fuel economy, 70 percent safer driving miles and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

“Vnomics continues to offer its full-suite solution, which combines real-time individualized driver coaching, comprehensive vehicle analysis, and safety and compliance tools with unparalleled customer service,” Chauncey said. “The new CORE product, along with our separate full-suite solution, enables Vnomics to meet the varying needs of all fleets.”