Prime purchases 2,500 Utility reefer trailers

Updated Dec 3, 2019

Prime Inc. reefer truckUtility Trailer Manufacturing Company, announce its largest single trailer order purchased by Prime Inc.

Founded in 1970 and based in Springfield, Missouri, Prime is one of the most successful refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker carrier trucking services in North America. Prime’s recent purchase of 2,500 Utility 3000R reefer trailers from Utility Trailer Sales of the Ozarks marks a milestone for Utility Trailer Manufacturing’s largest single trailer order in the company’s history.

“Our focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability were the major factors in this purchase.  Our commitment to these principles is the pinnacle reasons for our partnership with Utility. It is a privilege to have them as a partner that understands our corporate philosophy,” said Paul Higgins, Director of Maintenance for Prime. Ozark Utility’s partnership with Prime began in 2009 with the purchase of 450 trailers. With the recent order, Prime has now purchased a total of 5,000 Utility reefer trailers from the dealership.

Prime’s 2,500 Utility 3000R trailers will be equipped to provide maximum fuel efficiency and added safety components, which includes Utility’s USS-120A-4 aerodynamic side skirt, special air disc brakes, and a superior suspension system for increased roll stability. Utility will build Prime’s reefers in both of its Utah and Virginia factories.