MacroPoint adds ELDs to location tracking service used by brokers, shippers

MacroPoint LogoMacroPoint, which provides third party freight tracking solutions for logistics companies and shippers, has enhanced its ELD tracking service to remotely locate virtually any Class 8 vehicle on the road.  MacroPoint says its ELD tracking, combined with its cell phone tracking service, makes the largest single source of truck location data available to the transportation industry.

MacroPoint’s patented load tracking portfolio automates track and trace procedures by simply tracking a driver’s cell phone and/or in-cab ELD/GPS device.

“The technology is a game changer for the non-asset world of trucking.  Now, regardless of the technology inside the cab or who is hauling the load, shippers and 3PLs will always know the location of their freight,” said Glynn Spangenberg, a former executive at both Qualcomm and PeopleNet, who serves as MacroPoint’s general manager and executive vice president.

MacroPoint says it gives customers a single source by which they can track all of their brokered freight regardless of whether the vehicle has an on-board computer installed or not.

Designed to deliver direct visibility of the location of third-party loads and brokered freight, MacroPoint’s capabilities include:

  • Location tracking via any cell phone and/or in-cab ELD/GPS device
  • Automated events
  • Breadcrumb mapping
  • Direct TMS integration