Saia LTL Freight renews contract with Vnomics

The Vnomics performance system shows drivers a shift efficiency score at the end of each tripThe Vnomics performance system shows drivers a shift efficiency score at the end of each trip

Vnomics Corp., a company that provides onboard systems and analytics for improving fleet performance, announced that Saia LTL Freight has renewed its contract for an additional four years.

Vnomics’ on-board technology and customer web-portal deliver driver and vehicle intelligence with features like In-Cab Advisor driver coaching, comprehensive fuel efficiency analysis, vehicle health and status as well as hours of service and driver vehicle inspection reporting applications.

“Continuing our strategic relationship with Vnomics was right for our business,” says Brian Balius, vice president of transportation of Saia LTL Freight. “Their system has consistently saved us millions of dollars since implementation. The Vnomics real-time approach to driver performance improvement has allowed us to proactively manage our fleet and increase profitability. In addition, we have deployed the Vnomics Hours of Service and Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection (eDVIR) applications which have been well accepted by our drivers and helped us improve our efficiency in meeting the regulations.”

Saia has installed the Vnomics system in more than 3,600 vehicles.

“Having a recognized industry leader like Saia adopt our technology has been a great validation, as well as an ongoing opportunity for us to obtain customer feedback and suggestions that have strengthened not only our relationship but also our product,” says Alan Farnsworth, chief executive officer of Vnomics.